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Pact – Wildbow Does It Again!

By illlogicmedia, member

Apr 24, 2014: I’ve got to be completely honest with you all out there. I devoured Wildbow’s first online web serial, Worm, with the veracity of a starving lion. It was an imaginative and amazing piece of literary work. One that inspired me to write my own fiction in fact.

When Worm ended, I was sad and yet excited to see what this author could come up with next. Several "sample" chapters from various ideas were submitted for fan approval and I actually swore to not read any of them. I wanted to be surprised.

Here is where the honesty comes in. My heart literally sank when I found out interest lie in pursuing Pact. Of all things, in all genres, demons & magic is just not my cup of tea . . . AT ALL. It is one of those things that, due to my childhood background, I could never get into. So, I postponed reading this for fear that I just wouldn’t/couldn’t get into it and I wouldn’t give it an honest chance. I mean, I won’t even watch movies dedicated to parallel themes anymore . . . they just don’t capture me.

So, I let it go. Figured I’d wait for Worm 2.0 or something else. Of course, my curiosity kept poking me in the brain, urging me to "just give it a try". Sometimes, curiosity isn’t such a bad thing. Holy [explicative]! Am I glad I started reading it. In two days I became submerged, immersed, absorbed, consumed, captivated, and engrossed with this new world. In two days, I ignored everyone and everything (save for eating and going to the restroom) and read up to the 5.2 mark. I was pissed that there wasn’t more!

Is there anything this Author can’t do? The complexities of the characters, the words spilling out on the page filling your mind with the images of what is seen and what can’t be seen . . . UGH . . . it’s all there, amazing, just simply [explicative] amazing.

Seriously folks, put this on your "to read" list.

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