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Paper Please

By Eli James, editor

Dec 19, 2008: Adam of Penfencer once commented that a vast majority of web fiction in our sphere is of the sci-fi/fantasy genre. I thought about that, and I realized that it was probably due to two things.

For starters, most writers on the Internet today are early adopters – geeks, tech whizzes, people who grew up with a love for the laser gun and the starship.

Secondly, and probably most importantly, stories with a [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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A Sharp Turn Away From Your Usual Superheroes

By gloomybear86, author of For Riches or More

Sep 9, 2016: I freely admit that I’m a sucker for creative powers and even more creative uses of said powers.

That being said, Outliers is an excellent example of a story where none of the characters come out of the box OP, but earn their way to that status through hard work and creativity. And I say THAT to say that Knifleman’s take on the superhero genre is a well-written, intriguing, and exciting romp through a world where teenage vigilantes are more effective [more . . .]

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