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Can careful writing be considered good writing?

By Eli James, editor

Dec 31, 2008: It is often easy for one writer to recognize when a fellow writer has tried too hard in his fiction. This is when prose is no longer hot lightning from head to hand, but something decidedly more difficult and less inspired: ie, the careful task of forming whole words, perfect words, in the absence of creative heat. All of us deal with these moments from time to time: we call them our ‘blocks’. But when a piece of writing is overexamined, is too carefully written to impress, then you’ve got [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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Enjoyable light military-political fantasy with a ‘villain’ protagonist and the dial labeled "META" going up to eleven

By Naeddyr, member

Jul 20, 2017: In a world fought over by the forces of Good and Evil, the Kingdom has finally been conquered by the Empire and a girl saves up money in underground fighting rings to join the Legions and change the system from inside.

Except she meets the big, bad Black Knight and gets to Choose which side she’s on: the seemingly benign, but not-too-keen on too much freedom-of-the-mind Good, or the social darwinistic / anarchic Evil.

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