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an original premise

By A. M. Harte, editor, author of Theatre of Horrors

Sep 4, 2009: I only read the prologue (which stands at a lengthy 4,000 words!) but my initial impression is that Oysters, Pearls and Magic has an intriguing premise.

It is based in an alternate universe, a place where gender roles are strictly defined: women fish for oysters and pearls, and men "curl light" (or cast magic) to power the boats and so on. The author has clearly given the setting a lot of thought, and the writing strongly evokes a small fishing village. [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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Airships, Magitech and Ghosts

By TanaNari, author of Price

Nov 16, 2015: More than solid story, although you will probably experience a lot of turbulence in the jump from arc 1 to arc 2 . . . it hurt my overall enjoyment, and while I’m still watching the story and recommending it, I wouldn’t be surprised if it costs readers. I had it pegged as a 4.5 before, dropping it to a 4 now. Still very good, but not amongst the top of the class.

Writing: 4

Solid, [more . . .]

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