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Made me laugh…this story has a lot going for it

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Jun 10, 2009: I have to give this story a lot of credit for literally making me laugh out loud. The dry humour in the narration of the main character – a true anti-hero – is great! Michael Cooper really has a way with words: sarcastic, funny, and also, very descriptive in an original way. You’ll see what I mean.This story is scary, creepy, full of tension, has interesting characters – it has a lot going for it and I was hooked right through the first half of the novel.

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Random Member Review

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Interesting world, boring characters.

By Whyknotzoidberg, author of Hotfoot

Dec 1, 2015: First thing to get out of the way, is that the serial is written in the present tense. I personally dislike this, but I know others don’t, so keep that in mind as you read this review. Oh yea also review swap yada yada yada.

I wish I could like this story. I really do. The world seems cool, the powers/magical abilities/psychic attacks are intriguing and I really want to know more about them. It’s a shame I don’t give a [more . . .]

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