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two psychics, one baby, and a mega-corp that owns them all

By A. M. Harte, editor, author of Theatre of Horrors

Jul 24, 2009: The story follows the psychics Addison and Shane, who both work for the mega-corp Triptych, a mysterious company that seems to specialize in almost everything. Both of the main characters are strong and manipulative; it’s refreshing to read a story with such complex characters and so much hidden politics at play.

Addison is passionate, stubborn and controlling, oftentimes bitchy, teleporting pet psychic of Triptych’s boss, and a fiercely protective mother.

Shane is [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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Great read, check it out.

By , member

Mar 8, 2017: Overall, this story is great – the world is original, the characters are unique and the story itself is engaging and evenly paced.

Grammar: Little to no errors found grammatically. The author is consistent, vocabulary is varied and there are no issues with spelling or tenses found so far.

Style: The story flows well, and the author does a great job of introducing details on an "as you go" basis. Each chapter [more . . .]

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