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Juncture by HatfulofBomb

Welcome to the OST

Juncture follows Marc Antony, a rebellious young teenager, as he is thrust into events the scale of which he can’t fathom. He has to learn that everything he thought he knew is limited, and that there are entire worlds and universes of possibility he has yet to uncover. . . .

A serialized novel, updating twice weekly.
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Warbler by Joseph Vozzo

Warbler is about the crew of a small spaceship. Humanity has been wiped out in a quick, brutal war that it never had a real chance of winning. The 19 crewmembers are, as far as they know, the last human beings in the universe. It’s not about them saving the world. It’s not about them rebuilding civilization either. It’s about . . .

A serialized novel, with no recent updates.
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Call it a Mission by A. A. Roi

The Paranormal Mystery series

Palantine and Co. is an unusual company. But it seems attractive enough to out of work Gary Bellamy, with decent pay and a good benefits package. But things start to get a little strange. The CEO is perpetually out of town, apparently in search of ‘Enlightenment’. His co-workers are involved in research and investigations that appear to involve Bigfoot, ghosts, . . .

A series.
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Up in Space by A. A. Roi

The Satirical Space Adventure series

Iain Compton didn’t plan to be abducted by an alien spaceship. It just . . . happened. And now he’s been awakened 22,000 years in the future and half a galaxy away by a pair of oddly human seeming aliens and a space ship A.I. that seems to have more than a couple screws loose. His plan is to find a way home, even . . .

A series.
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Walking Shadows by Nicholas Ahlhelm

A tale of super powers, love and life.

Walking Shadows is the tale of young people with strange abilities. Gathered together by Ian Page, a young man with no memory of his past, they are pursued by a mysterious organization intent on their capture. They are not heroes. They are just young men and women living lives different than those around them. But those lives are filled with . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes thrice weekly.
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Church by CL Stegall

It doesn't matter how many times you get knocked down. Only that you always...always get back up.

Army Sergeant David Stone is in the midst of a Court Martial. A death at his hands has led the court to request a psychological evaluation. Dr. Emily Laughton is a renowned military psychologist and she is assigned to Stone’s case. She has but one goal: get to the truth. Is Sgt. Stone a dangerous man? Is he a . . .

An ongoing scripted series, with new episodes fortnightly.
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The Root of all Fear by Burt Abreu

War is coming as ruthless men play the games of power. An evil long forgotten is freed in fabled Alcheron, and tales used to frighten children become all too real. Now the meek and the forgotten, the misfit and the broken must rise to stand in the breach – or the world is lost. . . .

A serialized novel, updating weekly.
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Under Darkening Skies by Grey

Crisis is opportunity.

Finally released from the orphanage in which she grew up, and her slavery at the adjoining textile mill, Nell is adrift in a world she knows of only from hearsay and tales. Unwilling to return to the workhouse as an overseer, she seeks employment from the rulers of her squalid hamlet – the sorcerous nobles who rule from a spire . . .

A serialized novel, with no recent updates.
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Thousand Word Blog by Alex

Every week, I find a picture and since a picture is worth a thousand words, I find those thousand words and write a short story.

Every picture is worth a thousand words. It’s a phrase we’ve all heard and probably said to somebody else. But, I wanted to take that cliche and put it into practice. Every week, I find a picture on the internet that seems interesting. A picture that has a story. After finding the right picture, I start writing its story. One . . .

A collection of stories.
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I was reincarnated as a Magic Academy! by DragomirCM

A slightly perverted, but rather average Romanian ends up dead after being shot in the back of his head while playing his favorite game. He is then reincarnated as the Dungeon Core installed in a Magic Academy. Now, his body is the building of the Magic Academy and his role is to maintain it as well as help the students . . .

A serialized novel, updating thrice weekly.
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100 Luck and the Dragon Tamer Skill! by DragomirCM

After being dropped by a God-like entity into a mysterious alien world together with another 10 million inhabitants of planet Earth, Alkelios Yatagai (renamed by this suspicious entity) must now face unparalleled dangers and foes. Refusing was not an option, and his deeds in this new, vast world could lead to the ultimate destruction of Earth or its very salvation. . . .

A serialized novel, updating sporadically.
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Power Games by Eleven

The country of Central has traded away freedom for safety and prosperity many centuries ago. An authoritarian welfare state rules the nation with an iron fist in a velvet glove, bound by a duty of ensuring that the citizens are secure, provided for and able to flourish. The society emphasises interdependence, community spirit and sense of responsibility for the well-being . . .

A serialized novel.
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Random Editorial Review

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Editor’s First Impression

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Oct 9, 2013: Jhered of Kirea is a by-the-numbers swords and sorcery fantasy. In fact, the plot manages to hit such a huge number of standard plot devices that it’s hard to name them all. Jhered is a man with a background that he’s striven to keep mysterious, but he’s a former noble who starts opposing an evil lord of the empire he came from and thereby gains followers (hello, Robin Hood!). There’s a prophecy that Jhered is destined to bring down said evil empire ( . . . too many stories to count). He also seems [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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No title

By casmirradon, member

May 31, 2016: A thoroughly enjoyable story that gets considerably better as it goes on. In my head it’s almost two different stories. There there’s the beginning, which for myself was honestly only just barely good enough to keep me coming back to see what happened next. And then later when the world opens up more and it became a sprawling and ambitious epic that had me obsessively reading day and night.

As others have noted, it’s confusing at first that it takes place [more . . .]

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