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Peace Tomorrow by M. McPherson

thriller, crime, romance, action, drugs, west coast, romeo and juliet 

Welcome to Veron City, a paradise by the sea. Beneath its veneer of picturesque beaches, flashy homesteads, and beautiful people lies the seedy struggle of two families at odds to use Veron’s wealth for personal gain.

Lucius Imada is a romantic, a transplant from the east coast who came for the promise of perfection, only to find the path to the ideal life wrought with enemies. Ezekiel Dicaro is a business man, the established drug lord in Veron who refuses to release his grip on the city. A shaky truce exists between them, Ezekiel offering a morsel of territory to keep peace. But when Lucius falls for Ezekiel’s daughter Rose, egos step in to defend their place. To further complicate matters, Ezekiel’s troubled nephew, the outcast Titus, sees an opportunity to raise himself out of his squalor by taking what is most dear to Ezekiel and holding it for ransom.

As the truce collapses, its every man for himself as the path to the American Dream seems much more perilous than first expected.

Note: Peace Tomorrow contains some graphic sexual content, graphic violence, and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: Mar 1, 2014


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