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Peter and the Vampires by Darren Pillsbury


Peter Normal leaves California and moves into his grandfather’s house with his mother and sister. Upon arriving he discovers that his grandfather’s house looks like something out of a horror movie, that his grandfather forbids him to go into the garden, and that the neighbor boy is a bit off the wall.

He also discovers that the undead thing harvesting vegetables in the garden isn’t very friendly.

On the bright side, he’s got the bedroom with the best view.

A complete series

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Listed: Jul 27, 2008


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Editorial Reviews

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Children and Monsters

By Jim Zoetewey, editor, author of The Legion of Nothing

Jan 13, 2009: My original review of Peter and the Vampires appeared when the story was only two weeks old. It has since grown to include several different stories, one of which actually includes vampires.

The basic idea is this: Peter, his mother, and his sister move into his grandfather’s house in the town of Duskerville. There Peter and his friend Dill encounter various flavors of the supernatural ranging from vampires to the fae.

Through it all, there’s whimsical humor and the sort of innocence possible only with ten year old main characters.

So far, the stories are very much in the "monster of the week" vein—if you redefine week to mean "however long it takes the story to finish." They take place in chronological order, but don’t currently appear to have an overarching plot line.

On other matters, I’ve enjoyed the characters: the somewhat quirky neighbor kid, the paranoid grandfather, and the younger sister. Peter seems interesting enough himself—though as the island of sanity in the midst of oddness, he’s not the character drawing the most attention.

Similarly, the writer’s style works for the story, and, provided you’re willing to accept the idea that a ten year old can regularly defeat supernatural monsters, the stories basically make sense.

I look forward to each new installment.

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Adventures in weirdsville

By Linda Schoales, editor

Sep 22, 2009: “Peter and the Vampires” is a collection of stories about Peter Normal, a 10-year old boy who moves with his Mom and little sister to live with his grandfather in a big, old house outside of a small town. His grandfather is a cranky old man who tells Peter to never go in the garden, never go in the woods, and never ask about “that” door. Of course, Peter and his new friend, Dill, start breaking the rules, and find out that Peter’s new home isn’t as dull as [more . . .]

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Where were stories this good when I was a kid?!

By Aurelio, member

Jul 2, 2009: Okay so I’m probably a bit old to be as infatuated with this story as I am, but I just can’t help it. Sure there’s a certain amount of suspension of disbelief required for adults, but it’s exactly the sort of thing I would have loved as a kid. A 10 year old playing detective for the supernatural and saving friends and family as he muddles his way through each exciting episode? That sounds just about right to me. Having a goofy sidekick who inevitably comes in handy, even when he’s the cause of half the problems? Oh yeah, I’ll take one of those too.

Jim Zoetewey really nailed it when he called this ‘whimsical’ in describing the humor. As far as an overarching plot line, it’s there but it’s developed slowly. The main focus is the individual episodes, but there are hints of a larger family curse and potentially a predestined course for Peter. But for now he’s a 10 year old with adventures to experience, girls to avoid and school to put up with.

Great story, comes highly recommended, especially for parents!

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