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Portal (The Enhanced Series – Book 1) by Jeffrey Allen


History is altered by the emergence of the Enhanced, people with abilities straight out of comic books.

Michael Larson is a new Enhanced struggling to understand his role in society. After he is arrested, his only chance to stay out of prison is to join the government agency created to enforce Enhanced laws. But can he trust those that fear and hate people like him?

Michael can create portals, linked wormholes in space-time. If his power does not kill him or get him killed by the other recruits, it might actually be useful.

Note: Portal (The Enhanced Series – Book 1) contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A complete novel

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Listed: Nov 19, 2013

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Gritty, But Real

By DrewHayes, author of Blades & Barriers

May 27, 2015: There’s a big boom of superhero literature on the web right now, and Portal isn’t quite like anything else, which is saying a lot. The world that’s built is bleak, but not oppressively so. It’s more like looking at a world going through a reconstruction, trying to figure out where to fit people who have powers that defy the law of nature after seeing just how bad things can go. It seems to take the approach of what things would be like if super powers turned up in our world, [more . . .]

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No title

By Paragon, member

Mar 30, 2014: I picked up Portal a few weeks ago, and have to say that it’s beaten my expectations. The premise isn’t particularly original, involving a government organization run by normals, bent on persecuting and using young Enhanced (the author’s name for people with powers). Despite that, the story is well written and has kept my interest. There are a couple of great things about this story; first – the action. Both major fight scenes in the story thus far have been complex, with lots of different powers interacting in different and [more . . .]

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Down the rabbit hole

By Tempest, author of Mage Life

Mar 28, 2014: I have been following Portal for awhile, I can’t honestly tell you how I found it, I can’t remember. But nevermind that. Portal is vaguely superhero fantasy. Easy on the heroics. It is centered around Michael Larson, a freshly Revealed Enhanced. Which in the lingo of Portal is a super. Michael can create wormholes, now due to some red tape he is obligated to register that he is an enhanced as soon as he knows. He didnt. If he had I doubt there would be much of a story. He [more . . .]

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