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Power Games by Eleven


The country of Central has traded away freedom for safety and prosperity many centuries ago. An authoritarian welfare state rules the nation with an iron fist in a velvet glove, bound by a duty of ensuring that the citizens are secure, provided for and able to flourish. The society emphasises interdependence, community spirit and sense of responsibility for the well-being of others. The individual liberties and personal rights have been replaced by duties towards fellow human beings. A cadre of political officers oversees all institutions, public and private, enforcing proper behaviour and work towards the common good.

Tsuchida Kagami learned the weight of political supervision on her own skin. Upon joining the Criminal Investigation detective squad, she finds herself crushed between the schemes of the felons and the internal power struggles of the officers who pursue them. Plunged head-down into chaos, she tries to keep her head above the surface in a world where words and evidence act as barbed blades, rending feelings and relationships apart.

To an average person, this situation would be a source of considerable stress. To Tsuchida, it is so much more.

She was born with awareness: A trait that makes her innately perceptive and attuned to the world around her. It grants her an uncanny understanding of her circumstances . . . Whether she wishes for it or not. Bombarded with gruesome details and keen insights at every turn, she finds herself shrewd and vulnerable in equal measures. Will her unusual mind-frame let her make it through the maze of lies, manipulations and deceit? Or will it tear her apart before her adversaries do?

Note: Power Games contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel

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Listed: Oct 29, 2015


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