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Prairie Song by Marn and Alyssa

A post-apocalyptic roadtrip across America. 

John is a former indentured farmhand, setting out in search of fresh water and an escape from his past. Cody is a traveling bounty hunter and musician, on the run from a debt he can’t repay. Friday is a lounge singer and burlesque dancer, fiercely protective of her friends, seeking adventure. Valerie is an orphan priest, weighed down by responsibility and guilt.

The four meet by circumstance in the new Wild West of a country ninety years post-apocalypse, slowly raising itself from the ashes. Together, they try to outrun, outgun, and outwit a gang of dangerous criminals, learning more about themselves and each other along the way.

Prairie Song is part Western, part roadtrip story, and all post-apocalyptic action tale, with a cast of diverse, LGBTQ protagonists. It deals with themes of displacement, trauma, loss, trust, and found families.

Note: Prairie Song contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: Apr 22, 2018


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By Calhoun, author of Quoria

May 3, 2018: A compelling and original post-apocalyptic story. A lot of people try their hand at writing this genre, but I have yet to see anyone do it as well as Prairie Song has. The characters feel like real people, with their own lives and complicated backgrounds, and their own situations and traumas to come to terms with, and that leaves readers hungry to know more about them – and it’s not just the main characters. Every character in Prairie Song feels like a fully actualized human being, and that’s no easy feat.

No matter which characters the story follows, the world feels vibrant and bustling, like every character has their own business to get done, and their own lives to lead. The diversity and LGBT+ representation is fantastic, and it makes the world feel so big!

The story really hooked me, personally, and I was rooting for the main characters before I knew it! If you’re looking for an action-packed post apocalyptic serial, I’d recommend this one above all others.

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