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Complex and Action Filled

By ClearMadness, author of The Iron Teeth

Dec 14, 2015: Price isn’t a particular original story, but it’s still a great read. The plot follows a high school student who develops super powers after a traumatic event, in a gritty world where such things happen.

The plot flows well and something interesting is always happening. There are several good plot twists as well that I didn’t see coming. Grammar and writing structure both seem top notch.

The characters come off as the tiniest bit cheesy sometimes but are still mostly believable. They have realistic emotions and flawed personalities, which means you can emphasize with them.

The powers themselves are interesting with some unique twists. The author obviously tried to differentiate them from other similar stories.

The smaller scale of the powers the characters get means that the world isn’t quite as changed from reality as in some other similar stories. This is mostly a good thing because we don’t need to use as much imagination to fill in the rest of the world outside of the city the story takes place in, which is barely discussed at all.

All in all Price is a great read and I would definitely recommend it for anyone that’s a fan of superhero literature, or looking for a complex action filled story to read.

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