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Goes Halfway

By JPV1000, author of Warbler

Nov 29, 2015: Here’s the thing about Price: It has about three or four different things that could make a really great story on their own. Combined, they could make an excellent serial. It’s got some pretty well-done social commentary. It’s got some fascinating legal and cultural differences from our own world. It looks really honestly at the way that Teens actually think and act. But overall, Price just kind of falls flat. The social commentary is almost subtle, and fairly well-done in my outsider’s opinion. People are more likely to manifest superpowers if they are members of downtrodden groups. The sociological consequences of this are decently well-explained, but I really can’t comment on whether the minority characters were written realistically. The sociology of the world is also highly entertaining—the laws surrounding heroes are believable and interesting, but don’t take over the story. I would have liked it to be more in the foreground, but that’s personal taste. The way that the powered community is by and large distrustful of ‘The Man’ totally seems to fit in with the way powers are distributed in this world. And as for the behavior of teens, this is a make-or-break point for your enjoyment of Price. The portrayal of teens is, in many ways, spot-on. They swear. A lot. Which is okay, if you want high levels of realism. Once again, it’s not my personal preference. Overall, Price is not my cup of tea, but if you’re looking for something that fits the general scheme I’ve outlined, it’s definitely worth a look.

Full Disclosure: This was done as part of a review swap. I have endeavored to maintain as neutral a point of view as possible.

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