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Adult Horror Classic, Bloody One. For Zombie-Apocalypse was simply much too easy!

By Pietroschek, member

Oct 30, 2015: SPOILER_ALERT Review of Project: Freeflow by Thomas Knapp and Mary Ebert;

A splendid survival-horror with the fiercest enemies of our species and wellbeing. Our fellow humans.

Prosaic Note: Most of us know those early mornings. The coffee or tea doesn’t taste too good, the body still feels numb, and schedule does not allow to take a long, nearly hot shower. So what better than deciding ‘Lets go murder 17 million people!’? ;->

Los Angeles survives an asteroid, only to perish due a deadly surprise unleashed in the aftermath. While a bio-laboratory was involved the gift of politics puts all the blame on a group of CETI terrorists. The Ceti, an alien species still living in tribal cultures, are forced into a war because truth & sanity have no place in human leadership . . . 

I read the PDF download.

The intro with Evan and Stacie, both still impaired by disbelief about the catastrophe, manages to give us a first impression and builds atmosphere and suspense. Splendidly it doesn’t stop there, as next we learn about a mentally needy witness of . . . mysterious topic. . . . And then we even get one from the culprit. The story catapults itself away from the small info we all started with, and does that in a way I enjoyed.

To note it again: I am not fond of survival-horror, neither supernatural nor scientific. Henceforth it is rare that a story or movie manages to fascinate me that quickly, and keeps me interested for more than some minutes. This one does, and I am eager to read more of it.

Another aspect I liked is that characters, so far, seem build to fit into their world and story. They are not just built to impress the readers. By that the story keeps an intensity and background consistency which reminds of the masterpieces from last centuries ’70s and ’80s.

The text is time-efficient, not too lengthy per chapter. It is easy-enough to read, even from the perspective of a Non-Native Speaker of the English language.

If you don’t need monster-slaying to enjoy a thrilling story, and maybe even appreciate thinking characters, then this is a very good one at start.

A revision of this review is intended, as I wrote under the pressure of time, and with food stuffed in my belly. 😉

Extension_1: The chapters continue to be fast-paced, and in easy to read prose. The characters ALL make sense, in their function, their motives, and what happens to them. The reading remains enticing, the atmosphere builds itself while reading. The author makes us read a way through the spectrum from simple people losing their family, or their own life, to media and governments which can’t afford inconvenient ideas like justice, fairness, or diplomacy. War is not glorified, as it is found in ego-shooter computer games, war is shown in several facets, and with the note that war has no winner, only those who lose (and suffer) less. The work is mature without being heavy, warning without being squeamish. I am happy that my first impression review did not mention something the full story failed to outmatch later-on! 🙂

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