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Project Shelf Life by KGY121

In which a programmed killbot tries to be something else 

A mad genius created life. They didn’t turn on him, but his company was dissolved when the government found out about them. Now they have to figure out how to survive on their own . . . Sort of.

Note: Project Shelf Life contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

Listed: Jan 3, 2016


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By Syphax, author of Stone Burners

Feb 22, 2016: I like to consider myself a patient person. I try not to review a work until it has a decent chunk available, instead waiting to see how things pan out. However, while Shelf Life only has about five updates, I felt spurred to action when the author left himself a five star review with a short paragraph lavishing praise upon his story.

So what exactly is going on, you may ask. Well, our main character, Jack Vanatis, is a former experiment [more . . .]

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I gave it one star instead of two to balance out the Author rating himself.

By Whyknotzoidberg, author of Hotfoot

Feb 22, 2016: Cool ideas are present in this story. Ideas I’d love to see fleshed out once the writer clears up this confusing mess. He switches tenses, perspectives, and writing styles at the drop of a hat. Basically as of now let the writer clean it up and check back in little while. I’ll update my review once a significant change is implemented. The story has a lot of potential, but really needs proofreading, and that’s coming from me, the writer of Hotfoot.

[more . . .]

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By the way I’m the writer

By kgy121, author of Project Shelf Life

Mar 13, 2016: I think it’s pretty good, personally. It’s starting out a bit slow, but eventually things’ll probably start happening. The story is probably a bit self-indulgent, and disjointed. Hopefully the experimental writing style works out in the end.

Table of Contents is fixed; for some reason half the links broke when WordPress fixed a bug.

Once enough time passes for the buffer to be entirely depleted (as of now) it’ll have introduced the [more . . .]

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