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Pseudofunk by Red McCloud


The year was 2075. The USA had fallen decades ago. Aliens came to Earth in 1912. Humans are the minority.

The place, the Milky Way. Full of colonies, each one lusting for freedom from the Gilded States of the Stars. One big ticking time bomb.

The person, Kolt Saudwell, probably the least qualified for the tasks laid upon him.

The result?

Who knows.

All I know is, sh*t will get funked up.

‘Pseudofunk’ is science fantasy web serial focused on an individual named Kolt Saudwell, an alien mercenary employed by a mysterious group only known by their nickname: The Privateers. The Privateers act as dangerous odd jobbers for hire, but after Kolt takes a job for free, he sets off a chain events that leads to the loss of a limb, new friends and enemies, broken necks, government conspiracies, faces punched in, eyeballs gouged, comas, crappy puns, and some other very strange occurrences . . . 

Updates the 25th of each month.

Note: Pseudofunk contains pervasive graphic violence and harsh language.

An ongoing series, with new episodes monthly

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Listed: Jun 30, 2016


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