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Pyrebound by Brayton Cole


The world has not been kind to Ram’s family. Father just lost an arm. Mother can’t work. And if Ram can’t find a way to make money fast, a life of forced labor is the best any of them can hope for. His only way forward is through the darkest side of their dark world–fighting on the front lines of war against the demons, hiding with thieves and assassins in the shadows, wandering the wilds where the monsters rule. How much more will the god of the pyre ask him to sacrifice? And why, Ram wonders, should he be the one to pay?

Note: Pyrebound contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: Mar 9, 2019


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Doldrums, Horror, and the Odd Beautiful Thing

By jmassat, member

May 17, 2019: (note: this review covers Ch. 1-3!)

Pyrebound’s world captivates me. Just the first two paragraphsmade my mind buzz with possibility. Immediately after reading that, I skimmed the glossary, and . . . ugh . . . so many strange ideas. There’s an ever-expanding list of Kur’s grotesque creatures, who pour into Ki, where humans (and some other strange things) are native. But there are also the deep ties to fire that humans have—physical fires, spiritual fires, fires that live, that inhabit objects and people. A human settlement protected by [more . . .]

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Twin Worlds Ready to Bloom

By Hejin57, author of Music Masters

Mar 28, 2019: I’ve always appreciated finding something unique and promising, and it’s even more enjoyable when said thing is found by complete chance.

This cannot be more true in a more recent story, Pyrebound, which presents itself as a innocuous fantasy tale that ends up being rich and involved in its characters, world and conflicts.

First off, the story has a fantastic size and scope, with particular details being the world itself. In this [more . . .]

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Be stricken of strange suns

By Snuggle Squiggle, author of Endless Stars

Mar 26, 2019: Truly original worlds aren’t rare, but when there’s one which commands the attention like that of Pyrebound’s, it’s worth noting. This is a universe with two seperate worlds and two seperate suns, and on every fourth days the worlds trade places, and the wrong sun rises in the sky. Humans live on only one world, and the light of the wrong sun is deadly to them.

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. Pyrebound further enriches itself by basing its naming and [more . . .]

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