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Twin Worlds Ready to Bloom

By Hejin57, author of Music Masters

Mar 28, 2019: I’ve always appreciated finding something unique and promising, and it’s even more enjoyable when said thing is found by complete chance.

This cannot be more true in a more recent story, Pyrebound, which presents itself as a innocuous fantasy tale that ends up being rich and involved in its characters, world and conflicts.

First off, the story has a fantastic size and scope, with particular details being the world itself. In this setting, humans live on a world known as Ki, mirrored by the world of Kur. Both worlds have a yellow sun and white sun respectively, but what’s most interesting is that Kur is near-deadly to humans exposed to it, while Ki is the same for the native bazuu race who exist on Kur.

There’s so many details and names and ideas in this story, that its almost a bit intimidating. Luckily, the author included a handy glossary to make everything smooth and understandable.

As for the narrative itself , it is entrenched in a fantasy, low-tech setting, where humans are small in number and make their lives in scattered settlements protected by mystical fire-pits known as pyres. We follow the exploits of one Rammash im-Belemel, or Ram, who sets out on a journey to save his family who are on the verge of falling apart financially.

Unlike most fantasy stories, the characters are a bit sparse at first, consisting mostly of Ram, his father and his mother, until later chapters introduce his sister, the bullying Kanmerag, the sultry Darun and the questionable Ushna. It takes about two arcs for the ball to really get rolling, but the wait is well worth it. Brayton’s writing is clean and concise, with a world rife with meticulous detail and simple yet enjoyable prose.

Con-wise, I think out of everything, the story simply needs more time to get steam. One could argue the pacing might be a bit slow, and not much has happened, but that’s a bit subjective to tell the truth.

In the end, I find that Pyrebound has the potential to be an incredibly unique story, and is worth the time and following just to see how it develops.

A solid choice, and certainly recommended due to its ease of access and short length so far.

Final score: 4/5.

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