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If Verne and Wells wrote a round robin…

By Alexander.Hollins, member

Jul 25, 2015: The premise of the serial is one of letters, correspondence, between two characters, each written by a different person, with no other communication between the two. It’s like a giant game of yes, and.

And it works. The pair of authors have a great chemistry going, they seem to know well when to add detail and when to leave something alone for the other to develop. They are investigating a mystery that slowly unfolds for us as they chatter about things they already know, and dare not mention. It COULD be horrible, it COULD be trite and trope, but it is not. It is a delightful read.

Also, I have to laud the page on having a well built about page with obvious links to how to start the story, and pointing out their rss feed, which is always a lovely detail to see attended to by the page runner.

Rackham and Crane. READ IT!

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