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Reborn Moon by Praveen Raj


Young business tycoon Raktim Choudhari’s family receives an anonymous call about his death in a road accident. Within minutes, an unknown young woman Aparajita (Apu) walks into the house, introducing herself as Raktim’s widow. Ape’s agony of sudden widowhood becomes multifold, because other than Raktim’s loving stepmother Madhumita, everyone in the family suspects her credentials and intentions. One by one, Apu proves all her claims with a little help from an elderly lawyer Sandal. It is revealed that in the recent past, Raktim had appointed Apu as his secretary, and that she had impressed him with her caliber. When Raktim’s legal will abruptly surface, it makes Apu in-charge of the business affairs, and this makes even Madhumita suspicious. Apu is now emotionally torn between Raktim’s last wishes and the hatred she faces every day from her in-laws, who have branded her an enemy. Even though she starts to suspect some foul play behind Raktim’s death, Apu struggles to win his family’s love and confidence, but every such attempt only backfires. The most prominent of Ape’s antagonists is a film actress named Ananya, who had always shown a not-so-secret desire to marry Raktim when he was alive. Just when Apu is about to give up and leave the Choudhari House, she gets news that changes the course of the story.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: Aug 31, 2015

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