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Reconcilable by Ayami Tyndall


Safe within the impenetrable firewall, Users lead documented lives, everything they do recorded by the omnipresent Cloud. Outside, Ghosts linger on the edge of society, known but unrecorded and unwelcome. Now one Ghost’s refusal to conform will challenge the system and expose sides of humanity thought impossible. As the threat of war looms, Ghosts will find entry into the Cloud, Users will be cast out and every distinction will be blurred.

Note: Reconcilable contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A complete novel

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Listed: Nov 21, 2012


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Editor’s First Impression

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Dec 2, 2012: A sequel to Verifiable, currently updating as a serial. The Ghosts have been exposed, but remain on the fringes of society as they still cannot be recognized by the Cloud.

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