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Brilliant and Spooky

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Mar 9, 2013: I began reading the first book of this series on Wattpad, and I’m very much looking forward to more. The plot was what drew me in at first, as it follows Elizabeth Whyte, our nominal main character and a woman who can see spirits, and some others with her gift (or curse, depending on your point of view). This eventually moves into a bigger picture study of the agency who employs them (as well as number of completely spiritual beings), and about what it is that they do.

Another big reason for my enjoyment of this is that the author has a genius for setting scenes and making her story come to life. When Elizabeth is walking outside on a blustery day, the author made it so that I could almost feel the cold, wet wind on my own cheeks and pulled my own sweater tighter to keep out the chill. She also has a wonderful talent for breaking down complex action scenes and describing them in a way that I can almost see unfolding as if something that had actually taken seconds to play out had been filmed and then run back in slow motion, so that each action was clearly shown and understood.

I have to admit that when I first started reading this story, I had a problem with how the author cuts in and out of various story threads with different narrators, progressing several seemingly different tales with different characters, some in the present and some in the past. My preference is for more straightforward narratives, but as the story came together, I could see the reasons for telling the story in the way she did, so overall I’d say that the style did work for me.

I understand that the author published this on Wattpad hoping for feedback because she’s thinking of publishing it as an e-book. I hope she does so that I can add it to my collection. At any rate, I can definitely recommend this story, especially to anyone who likes paranormal fantasy and strong female leads.

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