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When all the puzzle pieces are together…

By Sora, member

Dec 12, 2008: Summary: The story is about a young woman named Elizabeth and her special ability that gets a rather unique job at a rather unique place.

Likes: This story starts from the 1940’s and spans until 2007. Each decade ties into the next one and one never feels like one decade could be thrown out. Each of the storylines is a puzzle piece and the beautiful picture will not be complete if you simply throw a piece out. You never know when you may need the information from 1967 to make sense of what is going on in 2007 or what happened in 1938. It takes a while for these pieces to come together, but the writing is intriguing enough that I didn’t want to skip or skim ahead to see what happens later on. As of yet, there are around 75 chapters posted. I’m slowly making my way through the archive while there are no updates being posted at this time. I’m writing this review because I have read enough to get an impression on this story. The author has the skills to set up the premise of the story and get it where it needs to be. You can tell she hits her stride once the groundwork is laid out. The beginning is pretty descent, but when the author gets everything she wants the reader to know, the picture becomes clearer and the story is really a joy to read.

Dislikes: The only thing I dislike is that the table of contents doesn’t have chapter numbers. It’s a bit confusing to have to try to remember where I was when I last left off.

Overall: It takes a little while for all the pieces to come together, but when they do, it’s a great story about life after death.

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