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By Annie, member

Jan 20, 2013: The Good: Great pacing, evocative descriptions, well-drawn primary characters

The Bad: Some minor detail quibbles (secondary characters, minor plot points, clothing descriptions, I’m being nit-picky)

The Lowdown: Rema recently appeared on the front page new listings, and, heck, I’m always up for a good fantasy story, especially one with a younger protagonist. I was rather wary of how Kibuishi would end up handling the "drawn into another world" trope—but honestly, after the first couple chapters, this wariness pretty much evaporated. The primary reason for this, at least early on, was the fact that Rema took time for exposition.

I know. Backstory belongs in the back. But for this particular webpiece, it really worked. It was wonderful getting a glimpse of Tabby’s life in the "real world" instead of jumping immediately into the fantasy (as so many people are wont to do these days). It reminded me of reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe the first time. And one of the ways Kibuishi was able to make it work was by carefully feeding those small hints of mystery, intrigue, and foreshadowing to the reader along with the parts establishing character and motivation.

So far, at least for my tastes, Rema is nearly pitch perfect. There are a couple minuscule things that might warrant an edit or two, and I’m curious as to how Kibuishi will handle some of the secondary characters (I’m especially curious whether some minor characters from the earlier chapters will be coming back into the story at all), but overall, I’d highly recommended a look.

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