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Wholesome and Risky All At Once

By GreenGlass, member

Nov 30, 2008: I read this story awhile back and I thought it was great, so I might as well add a review. Somewhere I got the impression that the story would be conservative, but it also turned out to be down-to-earth, sexy, inspiring, exciting, and sometimes edgy! Even the places where it wandered into the subject of religion seemed a bit unorthodox to me, and I didn’t feel pressured to agree with the character’s conclusions on that subject. Maybe it still is somewhat wholesome, but I throughly enjoyed this tale anyway.

It centers around a friendship and grand trip between two twenty-somethings that slowly grows into something more. The whole thing was believable adventure; it was a realistic story because of the tone it was written in, but the concept plays at the edge of ordinary. I haven’t traveled a lot, much less in a small plane, but it was easy to imagine traveling along anyway. The author comes up with some really interesting details and detours. The ending was satisfying and idyllic without making me gag or roll my eyes.

But that’s just me. I enjoy free wovels, and this one was a very enjoyable read! Take a look at it for yourself!

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