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First Impression: Condensed versions of King Arthur and the best

By LadyAnder, author of Edict

Aug 28, 2018: I can’t really go into depth about this one because, well because it’s kind of hard for me to write a good long review for this story mostly because how it’s written.

Now to be honest, I’m not a King Arthur fan. He up there with Robin Hood with me. I’m tired of him. And yet I found myself chuckling at nearly every entry at this rather unique web serial.

Basically imagine reading Kind Arthur but as text messages between characters. It’s a lot more entertaining than reading Le Morte d’ Arthur by 100x.

Since each entries are text messages, they are very to the point while remaining true to the source material and makes it digestible in cute little bits of humor.

So my final score for this web-serial is binge watching a netflix show/10.

And if you so need those gold stars big fat solid 4.5/5 (please note I don’t easily give 5/5 for anything)

Basically it fun, readable, and if you want to eat up your personal time, I recommend.

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