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By MsGamgee89, member

Feb 23, 2010: Scryer’s Gulch is not the reason I love MeiLin Miranda, but it certainly doesn’t hurt! While her other story, An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom, is much more my particular cup of tea, Scryer’s Gulch is a romping good time. Set in an alternate Wild West, the heavy touch of magic and the mysterious keep the story from seeming too over-told, and adds a freshness that a generic frontier saga would likely lack. MeiLin’s writing style is engaging and artful, as always, and the enjoyment she gets from this somewhat less serious tale is apparent in her work. I anticipate each new chapter, and enjoy reading very much, now that I’ve gotten over my disappointment at the extended hiatus of IHotGK. The characters are compelling, though it took me several chapters to become attached to them.

Long story short, I recommend it!

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