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Ain’t jist gold in them thar hills

By Tim Holtorf, author of Rocket Fox

May 12, 2010: All of the classic western motifs are in this. The small town built on a mining operation, the Sherrif who is watchful of everyone, the rich industrialist that owns almost everything in town, the miners with their small claims. Right down to the new school marm. The big difference comes in the little things.

It’s not gold in them thar hills, but the magical element of hermetauxite. Outside of the difference in mining, you might think the town is just some sleepy little place where the locals have their usual skeletons.

Until the cat has something to say.

Seems the new school marm ain’t who she seem ta be. Annabelle Duniway, presenting herself as the prime and proper educator is actually quite adept at magic herself. Much to the chagrin of her cat . . . who really is a demon.

Scryer’s Gulch has more to it than meets the eye. There’s more than hermatauxite in them thar hills, that is for certain. Finding out what it is is the fun part. Get ready ta saddle up for a wild ride!

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