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a magical ride

By dracotorre, author of Kandy Fangs: Venom

Jan 19, 2015: Western world meets Eastern lore with Jiang Shi (zombie/vampire) and shape-shifters. The globe-spanning trip is a turbulent, occasionally psychedelic, ride dotted by beautiful pools of reflection.

During the initial chapters, the title character primarily reacts to the fantastical circumstances which is understandable even if it would be nice to see more decision making. In contrast Seagrave’s guide, Wu Ming, is proactive.

Overall the story is written well, but some wording issues and occasional grammar errors may cause stumbles. Keep in mind English is not the author’s native language, and part of the charm is when the author shares non-English dialogue smoothly translated. It’s refreshing to find dialogue attributed by the em dash instead of quotation marks to help keep the tempo.

It’s a magical ride that keeps me coming back.

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