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Seagrave’s Bizzare Adventure

By SnowyMystic, author of Fabled Hearts

Oct 19, 2014: Before we get in the meat of this review, it should be noted that the author of Seagrave’s Journey had things happen in their life that made updating problematic. At the time of this review, it seems that the author has begun writing again. So, there is some hope that it will have consistent updates. I am however perhaps being a bit optimistic. A minor gripe is that the site is a bit slow to load on my netbook, which bodes badly for phones and tablets.

This story is quite clearly an odyssey. It manages to hit a kind of urban fantasy that blurs dream and reality. The cultural elements just add to the exotic nature of the tale. The writing is fairly sound and enjoyable, presenting a bit of both mystery and humour well.

The dialogue is perhaps a bit odd, but in many ways this just contributes to the strange feel of the journey.

The story itself is a fairly classic one, but the way it is done leaves it quite fresh.

In short; Worth checking out, but it may end up not continuing or having irregular updates.

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