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Set In Stone by Farmerbob1

The story of a young man and his trained animals on a world with almost no free metal. 

Set In Stone tells the story of a young animal trainer named Allen Rickson who is caught up in the chaos of upcoming war. Can he survive in the field while at the same time preventing his trained swine from finding their way into the cook pots of the army that presses him into service?

Note: Set In Stone contains some graphic violence.

A complete novel

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Listed: Feb 16, 2015

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Masterful Setting – Likeable Characters – Mild Plot?!

By lifesharpener, author of Man of Last Millennium

Jun 15, 2015: A world far in the future, where Big Brother is watching and controlling . . . on a unprecedented scale. Albert is an entity that guides humankind along a path that he chooses . . . a path that leads to pacifism.

Yet the story isn’t really about this "Albert" . . . ? It’s about survival, since every year is a struggle, nations facing starvation at the appearance of crop devouring insects. . . . wait, no, it’s about a young man’s struggle to find his way back home to his fiance from a war that [more . . .]

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Futurisitic Salt of the Earth

By J.A. Waters, author of From the Moon: Home

Mar 15, 2015: Technology is a revoked privilege, the world is tied together by a central computer, and people everywhere must refrain from violence lest they get sent to prison colonies. This is the strange but compelling world of Set In Stone, a story told from the first person point of view of a teenager named Allen.

An introduction to this world begins with an early arrival of locusts and the hazards this presents to a life tied to farming. Allen works with his [more . . .]

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