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Shadow by Novagirl93


Vai Ma’amaloa is 17 years old, and his father has just accepted the position of Chief Science Officer aboard the G.E.V. Shadow, a retrofitted warship tasked with exploring the unknown reaches of the galaxy.

Now, Vai will have to come to terms with leaving his old life behind.

As he forges new relationships aboard the Shadow, and tries to settle into his new life among its occupants—including an attractive female stowaway—he will be confronted with dangers and mysteries he never imagined.

What is the true nature of the Shadow’s mission? What is his father’s real purpose aboard it? Who are the men hunting for the female stowaway? And why does she know things she shouldn’t? Especially about Vai?

Note: Shadow contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating twice weekly

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Listed: Apr 8, 2018


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Super Engrossing!

By TypingRebel, author of Natonus

Nov 10, 2018: Shadow pulls you in just like any good space opera—with compelling characters and an engrossing, mysterious plot. The reader is dropped into the story from the perspective of Vai Ma’amaloa, who has only recently been awakened from an 80-year sleep. He quickly realizes that something is amiss: a mysterious drug that led to an intergalactic war from before his long sleep has reappeared, and threatens the (now-peaceful) galactic community.

The author surrounds Vai with other strong characters, such as Owen (a [more . . .]

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Three Episodes In…

By Wayne Basta, author of Seraph's Gambit

Oct 22, 2018: I like to give a serial three episodes before I decide if I want to continue. First impressions can be deceiving, both for good and bad. Excluding stories that have been recommended to me, those usually turn out good, this is the first where I want to read episode 4.

The prose is strong and the main character is intriguing. Vai is a kid out of time preparing to go onto an unknown future of life aboard a research vessel. Its [more . . .]

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