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Three Episodes In…

By Wayne Basta, author of Seraph's Gambit

Oct 22, 2018: I like to give a serial three episodes before I decide if I want to continue. First impressions can be deceiving, both for good and bad. Excluding stories that have been recommended to me, those usually turn out good, this is the first where I want to read episode 4.

The prose is strong and the main character is intriguing. Vai is a kid out of time preparing to go onto an unknown future of life aboard a research vessel. Its revealed over the first few episodes that he went into stasis 80years before, when the galaxy was embroiled in a massive war. Now that aliens, K’thaktra, are free from their psychotic war drug and living peacefully among the rest of the Gathering. And Vai has become friends with one. Sort of.

There’s a bit of a backstory overload at points but it serves the present action. As Vai attempts to rescue his friend, Thrissko, from a gang, before he departs, we learn about the war, his past and his time in stasis, though not yet how he was put in.

The rest of the cast so far is also intriguing. Warpaint a Mechatronic (don’t call him a robot) is snarky and overly protective, thinking he’s protecting a 97-year-old, given that’s Vai’s technical age. We don’t learn much about Thrissko yet, only that he made some deal with this gang out of desperation when he learned Vai was leaving. It remains to be seen if he’ll stick around in the story but I hope so.

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