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Super Engrossing!

By TypingRebel, author of Natonus

Nov 10, 2018: Shadow pulls you in just like any good space opera—with compelling characters and an engrossing, mysterious plot. The reader is dropped into the story from the perspective of Vai Ma’amaloa, who has only recently been awakened from an 80-year sleep. He quickly realizes that something is amiss: a mysterious drug that led to an intergalactic war from before his long sleep has reappeared, and threatens the (now-peaceful) galactic community.

The author surrounds Vai with other strong characters, such as Owen (a chocolate smuggler who has his own fair share of POV chapters), the mechatronic Warpaint (who has some hilarious lines and running gags), Vai’s father (who is the source of a good deal of interpersonal drama and conflict with Vai), and various classmates and friends.

The series shines for a variety of reasons. The author’s writing style is quite strong; Nova clearly demonstrates a good command of the written word, and the text is edited well. The worldbuilding is well done, with an abundant array of interesting alien races and planets. The author does a good job giving the reader information about their world’s history through Vai’s eyes—we see his emotional reaction to the war from 80 years ago, rather than just having it explained to us. And the story does an excellent job using mystery to drive the narrative. There certainly comes a point at which you won’t want to put it down.

It is difficult to find much wrong with Shadow. The first few chapters might be a bit overwhelming to some readers—a lot is thrown at you at once, including new technologies, alien races, and fictional events (a tip: the author has conveniently provided a glossary in the blog’s menu bar to make the initial plunge into the story relatively painless). And at certain points, the story can tend to bog down a bit.

These are all relatively minor complaints, however. Readers who enjoy mystery, rich worldbuilding, and good character drama will be well-rewarded by taking a look at Shadow.

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