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By capriox, member

Mar 9, 2010: Phew! This story starts off reasonably paced, but by the end, I was totally sucked in and on my seat. Excellent! The X-Files wishes it could’ve done paranormal thriller this well.

Special Agent Daphne Worthe is starting her first case with the "Shadow Unit" of the FBI. Essentially, they deal with the paranormal, but this story world has a very unique take on the unusual. I don’t want to describe it, because the slow reveal is part of the pleasure in this story.

"Breathe", the story this links to, is actually the first novella in a series of TV-like episodes that forms the "Shadow Unit" weblit. They also take advantage of the weblit format by offering things like character livejournals, "DVD extras"/deleted scenes, character & episode music playlists, plus the standard forum board & wiki.

The series is co-written and produced by a group of speculative fic, horror, dark urban, scifi, etc. writers, and their professionalism shows through in the polished & tightly-plotted storytelling. The overall series is sort of a cross between psychodrama, cop drama, and paranormal investigation. It’s dark but not terribly broody. It isn’t my usual cup of tea, but boy, did it suck me in!

Go, read! Even if it doesn’t make your top five, you won’t regret it.

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