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Shattered Void by penguinflyer


The galaxy is a crowded place. Warring nations press in on all sides as the ancient Vestige Empire struggles to hold on to the last of its power. What was once a vast, sprawling empire has found itself reduced to little more than a few struggling star systems. As the once-great dominion crumbles, the border planet Alessar sits at a crossroads of powers scavenging for any scraps they can pluck for themselves. Amid all the intrigue and maneuvering, the Alessari known as Ethereals find themselves the target of a silent war, and without a way to fight back, they may soon find themselves an unwitting weapon in someone else’s hands. Meanwhile, a young scrapper finds himself the unwitting owner of a powerful relic that could shake the foundations of society. Change ever looms on the horizon, but not all change is for the better . . . 

Note: Shattered Void contains some graphic sexual content, graphic violence, and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: Nov 8, 2017


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A Wonderful Taste

By ElliottThomasStaude, author of Mourners, Abednego, Persistence

Apr 6, 2019: Shattered Void is a delightful animal, whose present apparently truncated state feels like an impeccable minstrel getting through the first verse of their recounting of a legend before their lute breaks, they go to their bag to fetch replacement catgut, and they get abducted by a pack of thieves. Sadly, the brevity makes it a shaky recommendation (with the caveat that if there’s a full book found elsewhere, it should definitely be followed up and deserves a hearty “more please!”). While the mysterious Penguinflyer has some obvious occasional hiccups in linguistics – at one point a triple-take was necessary to parse out a grammatically incorrect sentence with “explosion” appearing twice therein – the obviously well-contemplated background, interesting setup, and scope provide a good bit to enjoy.

The story starts off with a woman exploding, a sometime-delinquent throwing herself out of a building at a floor best considered “unsurvivable,” and a charming political scene with the hallmarks of a particularly sticky spider’s web. It’s a core of a classic sword-and-spell story, given character and flesh through an urban fantasy wardrobe incorporating thaumaturgical-industrial development of a modern-analogue society, and plonked down in a space opera setting with a mess of tribes and races and creeds spewed across the span of time and space. It’s the sort of thing that throws a massive signpost into the dirt and says, “here’s a very decent and very approachable take to starting off a crunchy science fantasy romp, which can teach something to everyone regardless of their liking or lack thereof for the science fantasy genre.” Even if it should only be as long as the seven parts I’ve read thus far, this is the kind of story I personally read to enjoy.

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