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Shattered Void by penguinflyer


The galaxy is a crowded place. Warring nations press in on all sides as the ancient Vestige Empire struggles to hold on to the last of its power. What was once a vast, sprawling empire has found itself reduced to little more than a few struggling star systems. As the once-great dominion crumbles, the border planet Alessar sits at a crossroads of powers scavenging for any scraps they can pluck for themselves. Amid all the intrigue and maneuvering, the Alessari known as Ethereals find themselves the target of a silent war, and without a way to fight back, they may soon find themselves an unwitting weapon in someone else’s hands. Meanwhile, a young scrapper finds himself the unwitting owner of a powerful relic that could shake the foundations of society. Change ever looms on the horizon, but not all change is for the better . . . 

Note: Shattered Void contains some graphic sexual content, graphic violence, and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: Nov 8, 2017


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