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Reading Comic Books — Pow, Bam, Zap!

By Morgan O'Friel, editor

Sep 5, 2008: Shimmer rocks my socks. It has an action-packed plot, interesting characters, and a wealth of superhero lore to support its storylines. Reading through, it’s almost as though I’m viewing one of my favorite comic books—it reads beautifully.

Shimmer also handles some difficult issues, including identity, secrets, family, and gender construction. They’re not just thrown around for the shock factor, but are actually examined in a well-integrated fashion.

The only thing I wasn’t keen on, when reading Shimmer, was that it has a tendency to skip around in the timeline. The skips aren’t always well-integrated, and left me going, "huh" a lot of the time. However, the skips are always explained, and everything levels out eventually.

Shimmer is a must-read for superhero fiction fans. ^^

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