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Quest for Awesomeness and Hilarity!

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Oct 29, 2017: Have you ever been involved in a game (or hell, even in real life) where you had a main goal? Maybe you wanted to make a sandwich and watch a movie, or finish the report you were working on and turn it it, or maybe get to the capitol city, turn in your family’s census papers, and pay the taxes your family owes. But somehow, every step of the way, yet another person shows up who wants you to do something Ever So Important, for which they will, of course, Recompense You Well? If so, you will want to read Side Quest immediately.

You will completely identify with the main character, Raizel, whose task is to get to the capitol city to turn in her family’s paperwork, but from the moment she leaves her town, is beset on all sides with people wanting her to do sometimes mundane, but often outrageous and legendary things. To be fair, she does begin by doing some legendary things, but how much can one world expect of a woman who has a task she needs to get done? Quite a lot, as it turns out.

The story has been a combination of a thrill ride and a hilarious recounting of just how wrong you can go while just trying to further your main quest and being forced in one way or another, or choosing to take on "just one more thing!" as you go your way. I also really liked the way the author skillfully introduces her world in bits and bites as we accompany Raizel on her (as it turns out) epic battle to just get to the capitol to turn in her taxes.

I highly recommend this story to anyone who’s participated in quest-based gaming of any kind, because you’ll laugh and shake your head in turns, and for anyone who likes fantasy or comedic stories. Enjoy . . . I did!

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