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Solid and suspenseful sci fi

By Fiona Gregory, editor

May 25, 2017: Yay! Some real sci-fi,sufficiently convincing and well thought out at least for me. It takes place two hundred years in the future, as humanity has become a fully fledged spacefaring race and is venturing out into the galaxy, about to meet some of its other inhabitants. And about to fall in way over their heads into a cosmic crisis.

The story is unfolding quite slowly, as perspective shifts back and forth between the crew of an exploratory spacecraft, a mining vessel and its corporate headquarters, and teenage residents of a colony ship which is now somewhat redundant due to the invention of FTL travel. I’ve read quite a large chunk, although not all that has been posted to date (updates seem to be frequent and consistent, very good sign), and it seems like the plot is only just getting started. This is mostly for the good, as it gives time to establish some world building, character development, and suspense. I’ll say so far nothing I have read has been super original, in comparison with all the other science fiction I have read over the years, but it is solid, vividly written, and interesting enough to hold my attention. I felt the wonder, trepidation, and horror along with the characters. LIke them, I have no idea what is going to happen next.

And apparently two hundred years from now, electronic implants in our retinas (yuck!) will replace cell phones for communications and data, but rebellious teens will still wear band shirts and cargo pants.

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