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Intriguing urban fantasy

By BGHilton, author of Clocks and Boxes

Aug 13, 2017: Silversmith is an urban fantasy. June, a young magician who specialises in warding spells shares an office with detective Kath, and unwittingly gets caught up in a mysterious death. At present, it’s only one short arc in, but I’m enjoying the characters and I’m very interested in knowing what’s going to happen next.

The opening chapters are a little rocky, but that seems to be true of about 90% of web novels so I don’t think that’s much of a complaint. Once the story gets going, the pacing improves and there are some genuinely exciting scenes.

But even in those early chapters, I enjoy the relationship between the two main characters. Thinking about the characters now, it occurs to me that almost all of the named players in the story are female, which I didn’t even notice while reading.

I enjoyed the way the world building is done gradually, rather than just ladled out in big infodumps. The mysteries are connected to the way that magic works in this world, allowing the author to build the magic system indirectly.

Since we aren’t very far into Silversmith yet, it’s difficult to say more about it, but I definitely recommend checking out the story so far.

Disclaimer: Silversmith is set in Brisbane, Australia. I live in Sydney, Australia. You might think that biases me in favour of this story, but any Australian will tell you that the opposite is the case. If I am willing to admit to liking a story set in Brisbane, it must be a pretty good story.

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