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Sins of the Fathers by Underwhelming Force


Sins of the Fathers is a web serial about a group of young superheroes attempting to take over when the city’s previous, more well-established team breaks up. Set in Collswell City, the city with one of the highest metahuman populations in the world, due to the presence of a United States government-funded hero training program. This has not stopped some solo villains and super-powered gangs from claiming chunks of the city, though, because they just see it as recruiting ground. The story follows Will Denzien, the grandson and son of a line of infamous supervillains attempting to make his way as a hero to redeem his family name, and Sean McNaugh, the nephew of a famous superhero, attempting to fill his uncle’s shoes.

Note: Sins of the Fathers contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating infrequently

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Listed: Mar 23, 2014

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Creative powers, well written, interesting conflict. A solid read.

By Farmerbob1, author of Set In Stone

Jun 5, 2014: Sins of the Fathers is a story that’s mostly about Will Denzien. Will starts out as a very lightweight superhero of the college student variety, but he grows rapidly in a short time. His powers are mainly utility powers, but he’s very smart, and uses his powers intelligently, constantly figuring out new ways to use them.

Problem is that Will is the son of a super villain, and his father was the son of a supervillain. These things seem to run in families. There are hero families and villain families.

Will seems to be a nice enough person though, and he’s eventually accepted into a program designed to help youngsters born to supervillain families make the switch to the superhero side of things. There are a lot of indications that Will is really unsure where he stands on this. He doesn’t seem to want to be a villain in the evil sense, but he doesn’t feel very comfortable around heroes either, at times.

There are also smaller stories within the main story that are being told, though none of them have intersected yet.

If you like superhero fiction, with creative powers, you will enjoy this.

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