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Skybox by alecbibat


When it is discovered that Earth’s environment can no longer support food production, the Dome is built in an attempt to save a small portion of viable land. There is limited space in the Dome, but every year the dead are counted and people from the wastelands are chosen to fill the lost population in a process called ‘the cycle’.

Skybox is the story of Val, the son of a rebel, who is forced into the wild of the wastelands alone when his home is torched by crawlers.

Taken in by another shelter, Val tries to learn the ropes and fit in. He gets a good grasp of how things are run, and starts to make friends . . . then he’s chosen as a candidate for the cycle.

Note: Skybox is unfinished, with no recent updates.  It contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, with no recent updates

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Listed: Jun 26, 2014

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Worth Checking Out

By lostinspace, member

Aug 27, 2014: Immediately, during the first few chapters, it’s clear that the author is a beginner and it seems like this series is a sandbox for the author.

The characters will seem flat, but they grow on you, albeit slowly; the same goes for the world. The plot has some nice turns early on.

Overall, it’s worth taking a look at. Perhaps after grinding through a few more chapters the reader will be properly [more . . .]

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No title

By dhopper, member

Jul 6, 2014: As an authors first work, this is very good writing. Although there are some areas where the writer’s inexperience shows through, SKYBOX successfully takes the reader through a world that is both spectacular and haunting.

[more . . .]

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