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Slush by Carachel

Melodrama in the 22nd Century 

It’s the 22nd century, and intelligent alien life has just been found! Nobody cares. In New California, life is good for the students at St. Victoria’s High School. Sure, the teachers may be strict, lunch is served by robots without taste buds, and the field trips offworld can be a chore, but otherwise the future is bright!

For Ruby, having lived above the Galilean moons all her life, aliens are a waste of time. For Beth and her robot Boss, they’d rather move on and graduate. For the genetically engineered Paul, he doesn’t care one bit. For Scott the class clown, it’ll be funny to joke about during lunch! But for Alexis and Lola who work part time jobs, there are more important things to think about. College tuition. Work in a fully automated economy. In their lives aliens don’t come into play, and why should they?

So life marches on for the senior class of St. Victoria’s High. What happens in space is weird and scary, and it doesn’t matter to you or me . . . 

Note: Slush contains pervasive harsh language; also, some graphic sexual content.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: Aug 17, 2019


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By Nova Girl93, author of RU in? Saga

Oct 4, 2019: This one had me hooked with the first sentence. I love it’s charming, sarcastic sense of humor. I love the characters’ personalities. And I love the mystery it builds from the very first sentence. It’s great.

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