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Space Slugs by Frances Pauli

Serial Space Opera 

When Xenobiologist, Dr. Murray, receives yet another phony wedding invitation from her galaxy hopping sister, she does what any good sibling would do. She drops her research and hops the first flight to some obscure planet at the edge of the civilized universe. But Zora’s weddings never manage to go off as planned, and before the cake is served, Murray finds herself imprisoned with the unapologetic bride. With the assistance of a mysterious android and the universe’s last living space slug, the two find themselves on the run in a stolen space ship with half the galaxy in hot pursuit. Thanks to Zora, it’s the least desirable half. Maybe Murray will get lucky, and the crash landing will kill her.

A novel, no longer online

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Listed: Sep 8, 2009


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Editor’s First Impression

By Linda Schoales, editor

Sep 8, 2009: The first episode reads like a solid beginning to a fun space romp. It may be more chick lit in space than science fiction but the author writes well and seems to have her tongue firmly in her cheek. Don’t like web sites with white text on a black background but I may go back to this story for a full review later.

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Sense and Sluggability

By S. D. Youngren, author of Rowena's Page

Dec 19, 2009: Frances Pauli’s Space Slugs is, as of this writing, an unfinished story; in fact, not very much has yet been posted, though it’s certainly being updated. It’s so short that I can say only so much about the plot, themes, and so forth, but there’s one thing I think I can say safely: It’s a funny and entertaining romp.

This is a sort of space odyssey, following one generally-rational protagonist and her three colorful companions. The protagonist is a xenobiologist named [more . . .]

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For a fun time…

By capriox, member

Dec 20, 2009: This scifi tale is a fun little romp through space and exotic planets with a hint of absurdism (think "Hithchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy"). Dr. Murray gets yet another wedding invitation/rescue note from her trouble-seeking sister Zora, and the women are promptly launched into a series of mishaps and adventures. Oh, and they picked up an android who looks very robotic but acts very human plus an ever-growing pink space slug during their first escapade. Zora is a ditz, which makes you sympathetic towards Dr. Murray’s frequent attempts at sororicide, [more . . .]

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