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For a fun time…

By capriox, member

Dec 20, 2009: This scifi tale is a fun little romp through space and exotic planets with a hint of absurdism (think "Hithchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy"). Dr. Murray gets yet another wedding invitation/rescue note from her trouble-seeking sister Zora, and the women are promptly launched into a series of mishaps and adventures. Oh, and they picked up an android who looks very robotic but acts very human plus an ever-growing pink space slug during their first escapade. Zora is a ditz, which makes you sympathetic towards Dr. Murray’s frequent attempts at sororicide, but the good doctor isn’t as different from her sister as she thinks. Their banter is great =D

There’s a few typos, but the dialogue is excellent and the action flows easily. It may not be the best piece of weblit I’ve ever read, but it’s certainly one of the most fun! Go give it a whirl.

Thanks to S. D. Youngren whose review brought this to my attention.

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