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Stalin and Khrushchev Investigate by sidach


A detective story taken out of time and space. The greatest monster in history and his accomplice must solve the riddle of a series of murders and why they are back . . . in downtown LA!

Note: Stalin and Khrushchev Investigate contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A complete series

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Listed: Feb 15, 2011


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Original and Witty

By Fiona Gregory, editor

May 31, 2014: Is this the most original idea for a detective story ever? Once you get over the huge leap of disbelief, you have quite a ride awaiting you.

"Khrushchev replaced the receiver. ‘That’s it. Our first job. There’s been a murder down on the sea front.’ Stalin’s moustache reluctantly made space for a thin, menacing grin."

As you might expect, there’s some wit to be made of the situation. Gems such as Stalin watching modern American TV:

"For a while he settled on a channel where z-list celebrities have to survive in a jungle environment. One was challenged to eat animal parts, to win more animal parts. Stalin chuckled, ‘Ha, Kangeroo anus, and they thought I was fucking cruel.’ Enjoying this until its conclusion, Stalin turned to the History Channel. ‘I’ll give this lot another chance today, but if it’s all Hitler again then they can forget it.’"

You’ll never see these late Soviet leaders the same way. Chubby Khrushchev comes off as a bit of a buffoon, and these former comrades do have some post-mortem issues with each other, but manage to work together for the sake of a job they have no idea how they’ve come back to life to do. And then Khrushchev begins to get it . . . .

OK, the ending may have lost me a bit. It peaks with a dramatic confrontation between the different world views of these two dead dictators, but the detective story part of the plot sort of dissolves. This is one of those whimsical stories in that perplexing space between nonsensical and sincere; magic realism? Hosted on a plain blogspot blog, so navigation is a bit awkward. It may not grab everyone, but I say anything this original and cool is worth at least checking out. And if you don’t feel like you can laugh about Stalin, or relate to Khrushchev, or you really can’t see that either of them would deign to be private investigators in modern LA under any circumstances; bear with it, it is going somewhere with that. Read, Komrades!

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