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The Stars Have Gone Dark

By Megajoule, author of The Warlock Ruthless

Dec 4, 2018: A teensy disclaimer: A story I write is hosted on the same site as this one. However, I still endeavor to be honest!

Star’s Tempest is a creepy, dark take on a classic Shakespeare story, that as Wayne Basta noted, suffers most when it is shackled to its source material too closely. However, there’s a lot of imagination and very competent writing in this updated take on the Tempest.

The most incredible thing about this serial is the creepy alien planet. I say this having written some horror myself, but the life on the planet as controlled by Prospero, and somewhat out of his control, is just plain terrifying. There’s a lot of dark, imaginative work done on making the planet utterly inhospitable to the colonizing humans, and it’s straight up awesome.

The writing is graceful and elegant overall, often written with the same dark beauty as the world itself. They compliment each other nicely.

As has been pointed out, this story suffers when it tracks too close to the work it’s adapting, such as Miranda’s love at first sight. However, Star’s Tempest isn’t pretending that it’s not an adaptation of a famous Shakespeare work, and so doesn’t act embarrassed about the plot, which works to its favor despite clinging so close to that plot.

Overall, I recommend the work if you enjoy Shakespeare as well as Sci-Fi with a strong twist of horror. It’s got some lovely prose, as well, and if you enjoy a good turn of phrase or strong character moments, then you’ll find that here as well.

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