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Starwalker: Couldn’t get me away from it with a crowbar

By Palladian, author of Super

May 8, 2012: I remember being interested in the premise behind Starwalker before reading it – the idea of experimental technology and a ship with an AI running it, the circumstances of all of that a bit mysterious. It was when I stayed up late, unable to stop reading and clicking on the next chapter that I realized I’d gotten myself into trouble. The first thing I found myself drawn to were the characters. I agree with some of the earlier reviewers that the beginning of the story seemed a bit light, which I appreciated, but I believe the author did that in order to break a reader into her world and introduce all her players.

And oh, the characters we’re introduced to. I have to say that I’ve become attached enough to a number of them that I can feel my heart sink or soar depending on what happens to them, and sometimes I’m left on the edge of my seat waiting for the next chapter to find out what happened to them. Some of the initial supporting characters I didn’t feel like I got a good sense of, but that’s something I’ve noticed has disappeared as time has progressed. In short, the way the author writes her characters has drawn me in enough that I don’t think you could get me away from this story with a crowbar.

What about the story, you’re probably wondering now? As previously mentioned, the beginnings are somewhat light, in a pleasing way, to my mind. The farther on it goes, however, the more it picks up speed and seriousness, without managing to entirely lose the lightheartedness it began with. I will jealously hold on to any plot details because I don’t want to spoiler any of the surprises you have coming when you read this story, but the author does an excellent job of throwing in plot twists that I didn’t really see coming, and even better, they actually make sense in the course of causality in the story, not something that was just thrown in out of the blue to spice the story up. I think to be able to progress from plot problems aboard a ship and its mission through to problems involving entire solar systems is quite an accomplishment, and one the author manages very well, like how you’d cook a frog in a pot, by turning up the heat gradually . . . 

In short, I love this story so far, and I’m terribly attached to it. I’ve liked it much more so than some of the things I’ve picked up from a bookstore in recent history, actually. Instead of having to wait months or years for the next installment of this story, however, I’m lucky enough to be able to wait only days for it, and believe me, I am!

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