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By TassieDk, member

Feb 12, 2019: Stasis. It’s a catchy title for a catchy novel. I am reading it while it is being written, almost, as the novel is a story in progress. I’ve finally caught up with the author now, and I can’t wait to read more. I’ve read the first 33 chapters (that are available at the time of writing this), which means I’m almost halfway in Part Two.

Stasis takes place in a dystopian future, and the main character is Peyton. I like Peyton, although he is a bit wimpy and insecure, but there’s nothing wrong with being those things, especially when he’s a good guy who just wants to be liked, maybe even loved.

The novel is divided into four parts, and while the first part is introductionary, part two seems to be more "active" in the sense that the characters start doing something to change the status quo. The further I’ve gotten into the story, the more I like the characters. I also like the plot, of course, and I love how samberk manages to describe even the smallest details, like when the characters are eating lunch or brushing their hair, and that’s a real talent, in my opinion. I think few writers can "get away with" describing daily chores like that, but samberk is one of them.

The lead character is, as mentioned, Peyton, but Stasis is not a story about just one person. The story is told from an omnipresent narrator who follows each character in turn. Other "stars" in the story include Kendall, Olive, Randi and Ellis. Kendall and Olive are Peyton’s closest friends, and lucky for him, he gets to be able to spend a lot of time with them at the Academy where they have all been sent to.

Stasis isn’t exactly an action-based novel, but that doesn’t mean that the characters aren’t doing stuff. The characters struggle with a lot of things, and Peyton struggles with being insecure and doubting whether his friends really want to hang out with him or not. Peyton has already gone through a personal development during part one and two, as he finds himself in a situation where he has to do something and not just let others do what they want.

The opening scene (in the first chapter) might seem a bit "scary", but that only helps to underline the deeper mysteries of the futuristic society. I found myself asking questions during a lot of the chapters, and by hinting at what’s going on, the reader will be curious so they want to read more to get the answers. I certainly know that that was the case for me.

The story itself is intriguing and samberk manages, like mentioned previously, to keep the reader’s interest. The style of writing and the genre fit together nicely. I like futuristic and dystopian stories, so Stasis has been the right story for me to read. Grammar and spelling: The language is varied and with a lot of nuances. There are very few spelling mistakes and the grammar is great.

Overall score: 5/5

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