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Steelshod by MostlyWrites


The saga of a new mercenary company as they strive to find a beacon of light in a dark and hopeless world.

Set in a quasi-historical world, clearly fantastical but with allegories to real world cultures, languages, and religions.

Character-focused, with a gradually expanding cast and scope. Eventually spans multiple continents and features a cast of every race, gender, creed, and religion.

Updated weekly, typically late Monday.

Note: Steelshod contains pervasive graphic violence; also, some graphic sexual content and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: Apr 1, 2018


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By JohnCalliganWrites, author of Wayfaring Princess

Apr 1, 2018: The first chapter is really good. The setting is crisply detailed and the characters compelling. Sometimes a scene will start off a little abstract, but it’s more an artistic choice than accident, because if you read another couple sentences, everything clears up. Great stuff.

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No title

By Bas, member

Jun 5, 2018: Great stuff, with engaging characters and a rich world. Be sure to treat yourself to the greentext posts of this on reddit as well.

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No title

By ivor_, member

Jun 5, 2018: Brilliant; having read the Reddit Greentexts, I ran out when Mostly caught up with where him and his group were, but having found the prose I’ve found something even better. The attachment I feel for characters I’d forgotten even existed is amazing, the depth given to each backstory and how well the tale flows makes me only wish that I’d not found the story yet, and could instead read the whole thing from start to finish in one night – perhaps one day.

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